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January 9, 2021

My Favorite Apps

Can you believe that It is already the second week in January!? This year is already going so fast.

My goal for my blog this year Is to make sure in every post I am bringing a little bit of value to your life by showing you a tip, sharing some of my favorite hacks, or simply just bringing joy to your life with photography.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite apps that I use with my photography business.

No.1 Lightroom.
– ON the phone you can get Lightroom for free and you can edit to your hearts content. They have presets that you can use as well that make the editing process so much quicker! You can get Lightroom CC as well as Lightroom Classic on your laptop. I prefer the classic version for my laptop because you can do so much more with it and you can get plugins to be able to upload directly into some web galleries for clients!
My favorite presets are by Madison Vining (obsessing over her instagram and homesteading life) and Wilde Presets. I will link them for you.
Wilde: https://www.wildepresets.com/collections/shop
Madison Vining: https://www.shopmadisoncollection.com/collections/presets/products/madison-vining-lightroom-presets

No.2 Unscripted
– This app you can get on the Mac store as well as your phone app stores. Unscripted is incredible because they have an incredible amount of poses that you can look through, favorite, and assign to a photoshoot! You can also do all of your booking and invoicing from the app as well. the design is so clean and beautiful. They really did an incredible job. In edition to poses and booking photoshoots, you can also use the sun tracker to repack blue hour as well as golden hour and the weather, There is a camera settings guide, as well as a whole section for education! I am also obsessed with their Facebook page. So much inspiration! And guess what…. I have a discount code for you!!
Use code tmphotography for $20 off!

No. 3 SCRL
– SCRL is one of the coolest apps for creating content for Instagram. Recently I have been seeing more and more posts of continuous photos. for an example, you know how on your feed you can post multiple photos to swipe between? This app allows you to turn those photos into 1 continuous picture. This is my favorite way to post now! You can also have it scroll itself in a 10, 15, or 20 second video for your story or grid.

No. 4 Unfold
– Unfold Is my favorite for classy instagram stories that I want to save and continue to use over and over. They are beautiful, simple, and clean. So many different styles that you can choose from also! You can also edit the images pretty cool while you are in the app as well.

Check out these apps and let me know how they work for you in the comments! I can’t wait to hear what you create.

With Love, Taylor

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