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January 3, 2021

The Sweetest Nursery

When your you get the opportunity to photograph the cutest mom and baby combo, you don’t say no.

These two are the most precious people I know. Mom is a instagram Influencer, and this is baby number 1. She is one of my best friend here in Texas. I feel so spoiled being able to get all the baby time in the world while my husband and I are getting our life all set up.

With Mom having ADHD you don’t get too many quiet, “picture perfect” moments but these couldn’t have been taken at a better time. The window lighting was just right, the angel perfect, and baby nice and calm. Which let me tell you is a rare occasion, that baby is the busiest little bee around!

I love getting to be their personal family photographer. Isn’t their nursery just the cutest!?

Bring on the baby Tylenol because your about to need your baby fever broken!

PHOTOGRAPHY NOTES: These were taken in their nursery with all of the lights off. the only light was coming in from the window with the light slightly defused upwards from the blinds and the curtains open.

Looking for someone new to follow? Check out mom on instagram! @Megdiaries.

xx Taylor

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