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December 10, 2020

Photo Blunders… UH OH!

When you are new at something, it is expected that you might suck at it… at first. You work your ass off, study, learn, practice… soak up all that you can and little by little you get better! I am in the progress of that right now with my portfolio

Everyone makes mistakes, even a seasoned photographer.

I am not quite there yet….. But I can’t wait to be.

I was doing a photoshoot outside at a extremely high clocktower. It was November in Texas. Cold and Windy. This was a family of 6 with a preteen, 2.5 yr old twin boys, and a 6 mo. old baby girl. Cold and windy with littles doesn’t work very good. Being outside without anything to block the wind was not super pleasant. We got the photoshoot done in about 12 minutes.

My first mistake was wearing my contacts.

Normally I shoot in my glasses and don’t wear my contacts very often but I thought I would be able to do better with nothing between me and the view finder. I was wrong… With the wind, my eyes kept getting dry, my vision was blurry, and I just couldn’t see as well as if I was in my glasses.

My second mistake was playing too much with the ISO. I have sense learned that you have to be careful with it because it can make your pictures grainy. It is great if you want a film look, but not when you are trying to shoot a family session. ISO Is definitely a powerful setting that can do some amazing and cool things. I don’t recommend using it for exposure unless you absolutely have to and don’t have any other options though.

There is only so much that you can fix when your photos have too much grain. Make sure that you take the time to study your camera and really really get to know it so that you can change between settings in a fast pace environment and the photos still look great.

The long and the short. We all have good days, but we also have bad days. Every day is practice for the next. We need to take the lessons we learn and move on to the next. Luckily this was a portfolio shoot so It was free for the family and we will be doing another photoshoot when hit gets little bit warmer so that we can have lots more time photographing their beautiful kids.

Lessions learned:
1. Wear your glasses or get new contacts.
2. Check your settings and leave them. If you have to change them, don’t mess too much with the ISO change the F-stop instead.
3. Check the weather and wind before shooting with littles.
4. STUDY YOUR CAMERA! Know it inside and out.

Here is the website that I love for learning about my DSLR. I use this as a staple and am always studying it. https://photographylife.com/photography-basics

What photography mistakes have you made before?



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